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Our Purpose

PromoSuite’s mission is to improve radio’s productivity.

Our Beginning

In 1992, PromoSuite created a brand-new software category when it developed the radio industry’s first paperless efficiency tool designed specifically to manage station’s on-air contests, live liners, sales promotions, and events.

Our Evolution

For nearly thirty years, PromoSuite has evolved to meet radio’s ever-changing needs. We understand that radio is no longer just a DJ with a microphone spinning records and hitting the post. Radio is live and syndicated. It’s multi-market and local. It’s current, it’s voice tracked, and it requires that talent, traffic, programmers, and promotions all work together with efficiency and accuracy. 

Our team is built with the goal of increasing radio’s overall productivity. We are experts from radio, technology, client advocacy and elsewhere, assembled to find the places where software can fill the gaps. We listen and we act, and we revolutionize the way radio companies operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our new platform, PromoSuite®Plus, ensures that deadlines are met. Regardless of your team’s location, our system connects everyone to make sure that your projects are constantly making progress. We empower your creative services, promotions, programming, and sales teams to drive higher productivity by ensuring that every spot is on schedule, every event is on time, and every effort is aligned every time.  


Our products are built on the

PromoSuite Plus


PromoSuite Production and PromoSuite Digital are both built on the all-new PromoSuitePlus platform. The products function independently but also work cohesively together, sharing the same attributes designed to drive radio’s productivity.

Task Management + Automated Workflow + Team Collaboration = Productivity

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