PromoSuite Next

PromoSuite® Next plays well with others. These are just some of the platforms where 1+1 can equal 3, and you can super-charge the value your stations get from PromoSuite® Next. If you’re using any of these great programs, contact your PromoSuite Specialist to learn more.

Integration partners include:

PromoSuite Promotions

The evolution of PromoSuite Next is coming soon!

Our signature product, PromoSuite® Next, is evolving into the completely
re-imagined PromoSuite® Promotions. Decades after inventing radio’s original promotions management software, PromoSuite will again redefine how radio groups manage on-air, on-site, sales and digital promotions.


Seamlessly push your PromoSuite® Next Contests and Liners to your WO Automation for Radio log. Submit contest winner sheets, check winner eligibility, and log live liner reads without switching screens.

Automatically update your SoCast websites and apps using contest rules, winner shout-outs, events, and storm closing information from PromoSuite® Next. Efficiently and automatically update your digital presence.

Super-serve your contest winners when they come in for prize pickup. Import your DMR/Interactive Amplifiers into PromoSuite® Next and make sure they feel extra special – your ratings will thank you.

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