PromoSuite Production

The Most Intuitive Production Workflow Solution in the Market

Built for the way radio is evolving, PromoSuite Production brings your team together whether they are working across the hall, across town or across the country. Collaborate, plan, organize, and produce your orders and elements with ease.

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How it works

Built with an intuitive design and lightning-fast technology, PromoSuite Production utilizes automated workflow to move production orders quickly through the system allowing your team to meet deadlines without ever having to leave the platform.

Who it's for

PromoSuite Production connects every member of your team involved in the process of selling, creating, producing, and approving audio assets. Everyone – from sales to continuity to production – works efficiently together in our brand-new collaborative platform.

Why it's better

PromoSuite Production is built using the same state-of-the-art technologies used by tech giants such as Facebook, Netflix, and Uber. It’s super-quick and highly intuitive in its design, minimizing the need for onerous training and onboarding.

Designed for the way
radio is evolving

Product Features

Dynamic task management prioritizes your work

PromoSuite Production acts as your personal assistant. “My Tasks” displays your production-related to-do list, prioritized based on deadline. Follow the real-time status of your orders.

Automated workflow speeds up production process

PromoSuite Production automatically moves tasks to the next person in the queue, ensuring that scripts are written and approved, audio is recorded, and spots are accurately dubbed.

Notifications & chat functionality improves communication

Our integrated notifications and in-app chat allow you to edit orders inside the platform without having to rely on endless email threads. Comments are attached to each individual project to avoid confusion.

Simple approval process ensures timely feedback

When the spot is ready, share it with your client directly from PromoSuite Production. They can listen to their spot, approve it or request changes directly via automated emails sent from our platform.

Seamlessly re-run archived spots

When spots are completed, they are automatically archived and stored in the system for future reference. Pull up archived spots, quickly change flight dates and copy – and place them back into active rotation with ease.

Local and enterprise-level functionality

Whether you oversee one station or 300, PromoSuite Production will streamline processes and increase efficiency.


PromoSuite integrates with Wideorbit
Increase your team’s productivity with PromoSuite’s end-to-end integration with WideOrbit.
Built on the
PromoSuite Plus


PromoSuite Digital and PromoSuite Production are built on the all-new PromoSuitePlus platform. Each product functions independently but also works cohesively together, sharing the same attributes designed to drive radio’s productivity.

Task Management

The PromoSuitePlus platform automatically creates one comprehensive, personalized to-do list for each user.

Automated Workflow

When one task is completed, the PromoSuitePlus platform automatically moves the project to the next user in the customized workflow.

Team Collaboration

The PromoSuitePlus platform enables team communication directly within the app, so all conversations are easily referenced without having to search your email inbox.

Work Less, Do More.

PromoSuite Plus

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