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Introducing PromoSuite® Production, Launching on the All-New PromoSuite® Plus Platform

Sep 17, 2019 | Press Release

PromoSuite is proud to introduce PromoSuite® Production, the first product launching on the all-new PromoSuite®Plus platform. PromoSuite Production is the most advanced production workflow application on the market, optimizing the way sales and creative teams collaborate to create recorded spots.

“PromoSuite Production and the new PromoSuitePlus platform are all about increasing productivity for radio,” explained Rey Mena, who joined PromoSuite last fall to lead the design, architecting, and development of PromoSuitePlus. “We’ve combined three principles to drive greater productivity—task management, automated workflow and team collaboration, all in a single technology framework.”

“Our decision to ‘go beyond promotions’ with PromoSuite Production was based on our clients’ ever-increasing need for collaboration between departments and across markets,” stated CEO Rocco Macri. “Radio needs an intuitive system that streamlines communication, and that’s what our new platform provides. Chris Bungo our CTO, Rey, and their teams have done a phenomenal job making this a reality.”

“Today’s release is just the first step,” added Bungo. “Our new PromoSuitePlus platform enables us to build out applications in a rapid and unified fashion. Currently, we are finalizing work on PromoSuite® Promotions, the next iteration of our signature product, PromoSuite® Next.”

PromoSuite Production is available now for cash or barter. For more information please visit or email