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PromoSuite Mail Integrates with SoCast’s Powerful CMS

Aug 15, 2023 | Press Release

For Immediate Release: August 15, 2023

New York, NY- PromoSuite® and SoCast have joined forces to create an integration between PromoSuite Mail and SoCast’s Content Management Solution. PromoSuite Mail will be offered by SoCast to their client radio stations that are looking to seamlessly add an email system to SoCast’s current digital offerings.

“This is a big step forward,” stated Sandy Hurst, SoCast Digital Founder and COO. “Our radio partners are looking for streamlined platforms that eliminate duplication of efforts. Working with our partners at PromoSuite in providing this integrated, premium email solution will go a long way toward ensuring our radio stations maximize their digital growth.”

PromoSuite’s CEO, Rocco Macri commented on the announcement, “At PromoSuite we are continually looking for ways to improve productivity, workflow, and opportunities for collaboration across all departments. SoCast shares our passion for the radio industry, and we’re excited to see them incorporate our technology into their state-of-the-art email solution.”

Unlike generic email solutions, PromoSuite Mail was built specifically for radio’s unique needs and will complement SoCast’s digital offerings including web, mobile and social. PromoSuite Mail utilizes PromoSuite’s ListenerEmail technology that has delivered billions of emails from its trusted, white-listed IP addresses. Plus, PromoSuite Mail will include actionable analytics and customization of email designs, registration forms and auto responses.

Hurst added, “To top things off, thanks to our friends at PromoSuite we are going to be able to offer PromoSuite Mail for one, flat monthly fee. The generic email companies charge variable rates that penalize stations for successfully increasing their database size. Now, our clients will be able to send an unlimited # of emails to an unlimited # of recipients for one low cash fee (or barter if the radio stations meet the requirements).”

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About PromoSuite
PromoSuite has been the Radio industry’s leader in promotions management software since 1992. PromoSuite’s flagship promotions management system, PromoSuite® Next, is currently used by over 2500 radio stations across North America to improve efficiency and communication for their promotions, programming, sales, and creative teams. PromoSuite® Mail complements PromoSuite® Next, enabling promotions, digital and news teams to send content-rich, eye-catching emails with speed, accuracy and increased engagement utilizing our proprietary ListenerEmail® delivery technology that has been trusted by the radio industry since 1999.In 2019, PromoSuite announced the ambitious development of the all-new PromoSuite®Plus workflow platform, designed to improve radio’s productivity on an enterprise and local level utilizing our exclusive task management, automated workflow, and team collaboration tools. PromoSuite® Production, the first product launched on the PromoSuite®Plus workflow platform, is the most advanced production workflow application on the market, optimizing the way sales and creative teams collaborate to create recorded spots. In 2021, PromoSuite® Digital was launched, becoming the radio industry’s first digital workflow system built for the way radio works, allowing stations to manage digital assets across all channels, from one place.

About SoCast Digital
SoCast makes digital growth easy for broadcasters. Based in Canada’s tech capital, Toronto, SoCast is the leader in content management and digital advertising solutions for radio broadcasters. SoCast drives revenue and audience growth by providing an integrated, user-friendly suite of products, best-in-class coaching, training and support, and digital innovation. SoCast’s solutions enable easy omni-channel content management across websites, mobile apps, social media, and smart speakers in addition to digital advertising campaign management solutions across key formats such as websites, apps, and programmatic video, OTT, display, social, search, and OOH. SoCast proudly serves & supports 1,000’s of radio stations in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Please visit or email Sari Zalesin at for more information on SoCast and their revenue platform.